Domain & Hosting Prices

The two biggest questions I get are…

What is a domain?
What is hosting?


Here’s the answer…

Let’s say you have a shoe store on the corner of First street and Main Street.

The shoe store has building that has 4 walls and a roof. It’s the place where you transact business.

It building sits on the ground.

There’s an address that sticks on the front of the building. For example 1234 N. Main Street.

Well a website is the same way…

The website is like the 4 walls and the roof. It’s the cyber “building” where you transact business.

The cyber building sits on the “ground”. The “ground” is called HOSTING.

There’s an “address” that sticks on the front of your cyber building. That’s called your domain or your “www”

Some people need Hosting and Domain.

Some people only need Hosting because they already have their own Domain.

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