About Brad

Welcome!  My name is Brad Tipton and I am a Business Owner, and Creator of Frustration To Freedom which is a 7-step breakthrough blueprint for struggling Husbands that shows them how to quickly move from the place of fear and frustration to the place of liberty and personal freedom in the 7 foundational areas of their lives.

Brad's Framed PicThe key is to DISCOVER how to hear God’s voice and then LEARN how to practically apply His words in order to consistently manifest His provision, His protection and His peace in your daily life.


My Struggle:

For years I struggled to understand how to hear the voice of God, but I was getting nowhere and I was at the end of my rope.

I prayed. I read every new (and old) book on the subject. I sat for hours in silence trying to “hear” God’s voice. But nothing worked. I felt like a complete outsider as I heard other Christians saying, “God told me this…” or “God told me that…”   Ughrrr! It was so frustrating!

My Discovery:

Then on a road trip to Chicago with my pastor I finally discovered the answer!

It was like the heavens opened up and the light flooded my life – and my ears. Suddenly I could hear God’s voice so clearly that I wondered how I ever missed it in the past.

My Breakthrough:

Today, I’m the ultimate insider – I’m a Pastor and an Author!

Now I easily and effortlessly hear God’s voice which empowers me to teach breakthrough Kingdom principles at a level of understanding that blows people away! And signs follow the words God gives me to teach!  I pray for the sick as God instructs and people get healed of incurable diseases like arthritis, chronic back pain, sickle cell anemia and heart disease – all because I now clearly hear (and obey) God’s voice.

My Assignment:

1. To PREACH the Gospel of the Kingdom

2. To TEACH struggling Christians how to hear the voice of God and then give them the specific step-by-step strategies so they can Design, Activate and Manifest the exceeding abundant life of joy and power that Jesus died – and was raised – for us enjoy!

I am always happy to accept invitations to come and speak.

Please feel free to Contact Me now.



Pastor Brad Tipton

Phone: 414-243-0207

Email: Brad@BradTipton.Com